Why are you on this page?

Aldebaran is part of United Robotics Group (URG).

After the acquisition, URG oversees the business operations including supervises the Pepper and NAO Partner Program, to build up the best-in-class robotic ecosystems and support our existing Pepper and NAO partners.

While Aldebaran, with its strong R&D capability and robotic expertise, continues its work in designing, industrializing, and producing our robotic solutions.


Become our Pepper & NAO partner.

Differentiate your business with robotics solutions!

Are you a software developer, a digital agency, solution provider or a reseller and wish to make your business stand out? 

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What will you be able to do?
  • Develop and integrate software applications on our robots, as a Software Partner
  • Market our robots and solutions for high value customers, as a Channel Partner
  • Do both, as a Solution Partner
What do we offer?

 Easy-to-use, open & programmable robotic platform

  • Build robotic applications using Java and Android Studio
  • Full access to development materials (documentation, lessons, methods and tools)

 Committed long-term partnership

  • Dedicated resources to ensure project delivery and increase stakeholder satisfaction
  • Support & coaching on both technical & business sides

 Strategic business alliance

  • Dedicated sales enablement tools for Partners
  • Generate qualified leads and accelerate go-to-market process

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