Bochum, 27 November 2022

United Robotics Group unveils third generation of human-robot collaboration with CobiotX

CobiotX represents a new generation of service robots, designed to support humans across multiple industries and respond to unique challenges faced in the workforce

United Robotics Group will launch the first “Cobiot” in the hospitality and food sector, robots designed for humans

Bochum / Paris, 27th October 2022 – The United Robotics Group, a subsidiary of the RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft (RSBG SE) in Essen, launches the future of human-robot collaboration with CobiotX – the third generation of robotics.

CobiotX robotic solutions not only debut a new era of robotics, but altogether bring a new approach to the market, encompassing the principle that the human-robot relationship should focus on the human. CobiotX is “Robots for humans”.

CobiotX stands out and differentiates from previous generations of robots, embracing guiding principles:

CobiotX is designed for collaboration between robots and humans, where humans are in control

CobiotX dynamically adapt to existing human environments.

CobiotX is agile, versatile, and flexible between missions, making programming easy and efficient.

CobiotX is respectful of data privacy and human safety.

CobiotX is capable of responding responsibly to diverse challenges across multiple industries with versatile and tailored solutions.

“The first generation of robots, classic, large industrial robots, were programmed to work independently from humans. With the second generation, small, lightweight cobots, collaboration with humans was possible. With CobiotX, we are completely revolutionizing the way humans interact with robots, allowing humans to focus on highly valued human interaction while ensuring a safe environment,” said Thomas Hähn, Founder of United Robotics Group.

The Bochum based United Robotics Group presents the CobiotX approach with the launch of its first Cobiot designed for the hospitality and services sector.

CobiotX bridge connections to empower humans, by developing and deploying solutions in various sectors such as hospitality, life sciences, education, health & care, and industrial production and maintenance.

Building a Global ecosystem of hardware and software

United Robotics Group brings together European engineering and technology experts with industry expertise with the aim to combine perfectly matched hardware and user-friendly software, providing robotic solutions for the service industry and collaborative production tasks from a single source.

With United Robotics Group’s recent acquisition of Aldebaran (formerly Softbank Robotics Europe), known for the world-renowned Pepper & NAO, the company becomes the leading service robotics company in Europe.

The company, also opening a subsidiary in the United States this year, aims to promote these innovative solutions on the North American market.

Since its creation in 2019, a total of eight companies have merged under the United Robotics Group umbrella, each bringing products, services, software or integration solutions that together contribute to the development of CobiotX solutions. In addition, the United Robotics Group cooperates intensively with clinics, universities, institutes, and other partner companies where innovative robotic solutions are needed to address a variety of technical and commercial challenges.

“Robotics will be one of the key technologies of the next decade and service robots will soon be seen in everyday work to support humans in the most diverse activities. With CobiotX, we take the human-robot collaboration to the next level by having the robots interact with and serve humans, explains Thomas Hähn. CobiotX is to assist and interact with humans, and our team of experts from various disciplines are focused on this interaction while considering the social and ethical responsibility that is a key component of CobiotX solutions.”

The first United Robotics Group Cobiot, designed in Paris and built in France, will launch in November in Europe and North America and will be destined to serve the hospitality and food industry.

About CobiotX – see our landing page and CobiotX-videos

About United Robotics Group
Founded by Thomas Hähn in 2019, United Robotics Group unites young service robotics companies into a unique ecosystem by bundling hardware and software expertise under one roof. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, United Robotics Group brings together cutting-edge technology and robotic experts from both the social and industrial world, with the common ambition to empower humanity with technology, and lighten processes for humans, helping them focus on human interactions in a safe and secure environment. As the CobiotX company who created this 3rd generation of robotics – robots for humans, the United Robotics Group is committed to developing standardized and customized solutions to meet social and business challenges in the life science, health and care, hospitality, education, intralogistics, maintenance and surveillance sectors with quality, data protection and sustainability as key driving forces. All planning humans in the center of all.

United Robotics Group is a subsidiary of RSBG SE, the investment entity of RAG-Stiftung, focused primarily on technology and engineering-driven companies.

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