Bochum, 2 May 2022

RAG Foundation and United Robotics Group secure space in Bochum’s MARK 51°7 innovation quarter

The Bochum Innovation quarter MARK 51°7 at night.
Source: © Stadt Bochum, Lutz Leitmann

MARK 51°7 is the innovation quarter in Bochum with supraregional appeal: Bochum Perspektive GmbH is developing commercial, industrial and technology areas as well as extensive public green spaces on the 70-hectare site of the former Opel plant. The RAG -Stiftung has now secured around 25,500 square meters of MARK 51°7 to put it to a new use. The United Robotics Group, in which the RAG-Stiftung holds a majority stake through its associated company RSBG SE, also secured around 20,000 square meters of the neighboring site.

“For the RAG-Stiftung, the investment in the land is a return-oriented capital investment. At the same time, we can provide an impetus for the further transformation of our region by creating space for new things. Where coal used to be mined and cars were later manufactured for many years, horsepower is now to be put back on the road, figuratively speaking, by attracting new companies. We are delighted to be involved in this important renewal project with great conviction,” says Bernd Tönjes, CEO of the RAG Foundation.
Auch die United Robotics Group soll hier künftig den benötigten Raum für Wachstum erhalten. United Robotics stellt mit ihren Unternehmen SoftBank Robotics Europe, Humanizing Technologies und Rethink Robotics ein Bindeglied für Experten und Kooperationspartner dar, die sich der Kombination von Hardware, Software und Know-how für fallspezifische Roboteranwendungen, insbesondere im Bereich der Service Robotik, verschrieben haben.

Here, the United Robotics Group is also to be given the space it needs for its future growth. With its companies SoftBank Robotics Europe, Humanizing Technologies and Rethink Robotics, United Robotics provides a link for experts and cooperation partners who are committed to combining hardware, software and know-how for robot applications, especially in the field of service robotics.

As a company of the investment company RSBG SE, United Robotics Group holds a majority stake in Rethink Robotics GmbH. It was only in the summer of 2020 that Rethink Robotics moved into its new company and production headquarters in Bochum, in the direct vicinity of the Learning Factory of the Chair of Production Systems at Ruhr University Bochum. It was already clear at this point that this could only be a temporary solution for the expanding company, which would need larger production areas in the future. Two years later, the foundation’s planned purchase of a total of 45,000 square meters of commercial space on the former Opel site also sets the course for medium- to long-term expansion for the United Robotics Group.

In addition to the use of around half of the space by the United Robotics Group, the development of the remaining space and a lease to third parties is also a possible option for the RAG-Stiftung. This is also in order to further diversify the foundation’s real estate portfolio and add a capital investment that is as profitable as it is secure.

“We are particularly pleased about the involvement of the RAG-Stiftung and the United Robotics Group in MARK 51°7,” says Ralf Meyer, Managing Director of Bochum Perspektive GmbH. “We have thus been able to attract two more well-known players who support our development concept and create further space for innovative companies and promising start-ups.”

For Thomas Hähn, CEO and founder of United Robotics Group, one thing is certain: “Even though the relocation of United Robotics Group and thus also the production facility of Rethink Robotics is still a future dream, we are already looking forward to becoming part of the new campus. For the subsidiaries of United Robotics Group the new space will secure the urgently needed space for perspective growth and innovation development, especially in the future market of service robotics.”

About RAG Stiftung

The RAG-Stiftung was founded in 2007. Since the beginning of 2019 the foundation has been responsible for financing the so-called eternal tasks of the German coal industry in Ruhr, Saar and Ibbenbüren. With numerous projects in the fields of education, science and culture, the foundation also sets positive signals in the former mining regions. You can find more information about the RAG-Stiftung at:


MARK 51°7 reimagines the innovation quarter for companies and institutions investing in knowledge and technology. With its integration into the adjacent neighborhoods, networking on a local, regional and even international level and a modern energy concept, MARK 51°7 is now considered a reference project for inner-city land development. Modern, technology-oriented companies find space on the almost 70-hectare site, as do institutes and research facilities that seek close contact with the business community. Knowledge exchange and cooperation between research institutions, companies and start-ups are strengthened at MARK 51°7. Further information:


The United Robotics Group (URG), based in Bochum, Germany, unites service robotics companies in a unique ecosystem. URG bundles hardware and software expertise under one roof, develops customized service robotics solutions with partners and customers for challenges in the fields of medicine, care, hospitality and education, and offers Robot as a Service. Customer needs, product quality, data protection and sustainability are the drivers of development at URG.


Rethink Robotics GmbH is a robotics manufacturer under the umbrella of United Robotics Group and is best known internationally for its Sawyer collaborative robot. In October 2018, HAHN Group secured the assets of the US-based company. Rethink Robotics GmbH, newly founded in Germany, now combines American pioneering spirit and German engineering skills in the further and new development of its products. For more information, visit

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