As pioneers in the development of robotics hard-, software and solutions, the members of the URG are always striving to be ahead of technological innovation.

To keep this advantage, each company focusses on diverse teams from different backgrounds and level of experience. Within the United Robotics Group there is a perfect mix of people with many years of experience in their fields, lateral entrants as well as school / university graduates. Together, they search for new ideas and review products and projects from various perspectives.

Especially the input from an external point of view and fresh ideas matter to the group.

This is why URG supports working students and currently counts several students participating in engineering, research, development and marketing projects.Partnerships with universities and colleges are part of the DNA of the group. With Geenial GmbH, a spin of the RIF e.V. (Institute for research and transfer e.V.), the group has a very close connection tothe university of Dortmund. As part of their business to develop customized automation solutions, the company has roots in the industry-oriented research and combine extensive experience in the field of software development and industrial robotics.