The future will be robotic.

Shaping a tomorrow where humans & robots live and work together.

The best in class and perfectly fitted hardware to deliver single-source robotic solutions for non-industrial services and collaborative tasks. Always topped with state of the art software and excellent market and solution know-how.

Uniting hardware, software and solution know-how.


Get an overview of the hardware used for your customized solutions by the United Robotics Group.


The delivery cobiot that teams up & augments workers.
An autonomous social indoor mobile robot with carrying capability, that helps with staff’s daily tasks such as deliver food, buss the dishes and dress the tables.

111 cm and 53 kg.


Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot who is able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.

120 cm, 28 kg.


NAO is an interactive, humanoid little robot. With his big eyes and surprised expression, NAO acts like a robot playmate, especially for children and elderly. With friendly gestures and the targeted use of music, NAO can provide motivation for fitness and rehabilitation exercises, or make time spent in a waiting room more interesting.

58 cm and 5.2 kg.


Sawyer serves as an easy to use, flexible and highly accepted collaborative robot. Sawyer comes as a complete solution, including the Intera software and two integrated embedded vision systems.

Max Reach 1260 mm, Typical Tool Speed 1.5 m/s, Degrees of Freedom 7, Payload 4 kg, Intera Software.

The Box.

The stationary cobot solution The Box from United Robotics Group is the ideal solution for your laboratory. The Box is safe, compact, quickly ready for use and easy to operate. The Box works independently and performs assigned tasks reliably. The Box is able to perform stand-alone tasks such as identifying blood tubes in emergency laboratories in hospitals, e.g. Through the targeted use, for example, in the late and night shift, they relieve your employees from day one.


The uMobileLAB is the ideal mobile and autonomous solution for your laboratory, hospital or manufacturing facility. uMobileLab works independently and reliably completes assigned tasks.​
uMobileLAB is compact, simple and ready for immediate use. Even in its basic configuration, it is capable of performing independent tasks such as identifying blood tubes in emergency laboratories, e.g. in hospitals.​


The autonomous robot solution uMobileLOG from United Robotics Group is the ideal mobile solution for your intralogistics in laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, canteens or your production, among others.​
uMobileLOG is compact, simple and ready to go right out of the box. Even in its basic configuration, it is capable of performing independent tasks such as preparing for production by transporting from a small parts warehouse.​