Easiest to use robotic software.

GDPR compliant software.

The hardware for your robotic solution is always provided with the easiest to use and GDPR compliant software to deliver single-source robotic solutions for non-industrial services and collaborative tasks.

Find out more about the software portfolio of the United Robotics Group. Contact us to define your perfect fitted GDPR conform software for your solution.


The INTERA 5 software platform provides an easy-to-deploy approach to industrial automation. To this day, the INTERA 5 software platform remains one of the most innovative operating systems in collaborative robotics. Its graphical and intuitive user interface enables easy programming of robots without any coding knowledge. The train-by-demonstration feature of INTERA allows its users to interact directly with the robot’s arm and ensures an effortless training of new tasks.


RMS Software Solution by Humanizing Technologies

The Robot Management System from Humanizing Technologies is a customizable online software where you can manage your robots and a variety of different applications. The software is immediately ready to use, and you don’t need any programming skills to work with it. Thanks to our user-friendly software, you can equip Pepper and Temi, as well as NAO robots, with content, dialogues and additional capabilities for specific missions and use cases. Each robot receives an individual mission that can be installed with just a few clicks. Thereby, the RMS adapts to the purposes of use in your company.

The RMS includes features such as robot fleet management, survey and feedback functionalities, entertainment options as well as analytics and chatbot integration and many more! With the software, you get a smart solution to cover meaningful use cases. Our pre-configured software bundles combine all the necessary functions and apps you need for your specific purpose and can be used out of the box!



The brand-new Plural software from Humanizing Technologies brings the use case designing for robots and avatar on the next level. With this code-free platform that use latest A.I technologies, you can orchestrate physical robots and digital avatars to interact with humans in public life environments. With its clear interface, Plural is more than a content management, a chatbot integration or a face recognition, it is a key to endless possibilities that deploy the full potential of physical robots and digital avatars, which consequently accelerates return on investment. Not only the software erase interoperation issues between the robots, but it also enables robots to operate collectively rather than individually, and to communicate and coordinate with each other. The software has been developed to be scalable to your needs and your projects thanks to integrators like API connections, conditions and many more.

Elaborated modular software platform: Robot.Care.

The perfect software solution for care in combination with the sympathic humanoid robot Pepper. A care platform optimized to support care services and the goal to give comprehensive relief to caregivers. Benefit from the pro-active possibilities of fitness activation, cognitive training as a supporting preventive tool for degenerative dementia and a brought variety of infotainment optimized for people in need of care.